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Song of Songs

November 24, 2008

Found pretty much smack dab in the middle of your Bible, this book was written by the wisest man [Solomon] to ever walk the Earth outside of Jesus. It is also, by his own accord, his greatest collection of writing. The name, Song of Songs, states that this is the best stuff he’s got. And it’s all about relationship. Isn’t that great? King Solomon says in the Old Testament that relationships are the most important thing in life. Five hundred years later in the New Testament Jesus says that relationships are the most important thing in life [Matt. 22:34-40].

Many Christians have studied this book from the perspective of a metaphor about our relationship with God. Most Biblical scholars will agree however that although that can absolutely be taken from this book, it’s primary purpose is describing a love relationship between a husband and a wife. If we are going to be with one person for the rest of our lives, wouldn’t it be nice to have some instruction in that area? Luckily, Solomon did just that. 

There is SO much to be taken from this book, that there’s no way I can do it by myself within one post, so my suggestion is to go here for an excellent sermon series by Mark Driscoll. It is well worth your time. I promise. 

Some of the highlights: 

  1. The entire book is a conversation between Solomon and his wife. Communication is something that will make or break any relationship you have, and these two do a great job of portraying that. They are very open with each other about their sex lives and what they like and don’t like. The women talks way more than Solomon and she even talks first in the book. Men, pay attention to that. 
  2. Men are visual by nature and women are verbal by nature. This couple is very good at satisfying those needs. Solomon throughout the entire book is verbally complimenting his wife and her beauty. That satisfies her need to talk and hear she’s loved. In return, she is visually generous to her husband, and at one point even does a striptease for him. Scandalous! See ch. 6, verse 13. The footnote says the “Dance of Mahaneim” which is an ancient striptease. Crazy huh? This stuff is in the Bible! Now, this is not to say that all wives need to do this for their husbands, it’s simply one way that she remains visually generous in order to fulfill his needs. 
  3. The big question in marriage, and in making it successful, is “How do we deal with sin?” That’s really the only difference between Christian relationships and non-Christian relationships. We have a way of dealing with each other’s problems. It is very easy to keep secrets and to hold grudges when we’re not happy with our spouse [or in ANY relationship]. The key though to maintaining love is grace. Putting two very sinful people together forever isn’t actually a very good idea. Unless we have a way of reconciling that sin. Grace is one of the keys to any relationship, so it especially applies to your marriage. 
  4. Within marriage, there is total sexual freedom. This may be slightly inappropriate, but I don’t think it is. In this book Solomon and his wife do the following: oral sex [2:3], heavy petting [all over the place, but especially 4:5ish], sex outdoors [7:12], and also the striptease I mentioned earlier. Again, this is in the Bible! Within marriage, sex does not have to be something we’re scared of or something we see as kind of dirty. Have fun! 

I sincerely hope this post isn’t thought of as too explicit or inappropriate. Too often in the church the topic of sex is just ignored until wedding day. For two people who have potentially remained virgins, this can be a very awkward and strange thing to all of a sudden have total freedom in. It needs to be talked about in my very humble opinion. Now, we certainly shouldn’t obsess over this, or be the only thing we study, but to just ignore it is setting ourselves up for failure. 

Think about it.

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  1. thepurebed permalink
    November 24, 2008 2:03 am

    It isn’t too explicit or inappropriate. you’ve digested the Song in a balanced and mature way. Good for you! God for us!

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