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Light vs. Darkness

December 2, 2008

This topic could be a book in itself, so there’s a lot to choose from as far as a discussion goes. I’m gonna focus though on just one small aspect and make this a relatively short post. 

The theology of Light has always been something very interesting to me. It runs throughout the entire Bible, being mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis and last chapter of Revelation. God created light. Jesus is the light of the world. God’s light will conquer darkness. There are so many sub-themes within this broad topic. 

In the beginning, God created light. He saw it was good, and then He separated it from the darkness [paraphrase of Gen. 1:3]. One of the first things God did was separate light and dark. There is no interaction. Heaven is total light and hell is total night. Earth though is interesting because we experience both every single day, literally and figuratively. It’s like God is giving us a choice. We see both with the hope that we’ll choose light over darkness.  

We don’t though, do we? We love our darkness. For so many reasons we love our darkness: 

  • It’s easier to live in dark. It’s easier to hide and do what we want to do without the fear of being caught. Being in light makes us more cognizant of our failure, and makes us change in some way. We don’t want to change though, because it can be hard. 
  • Light exposes us and our sin. Similar to the first one, we can’t hide in the light. It creeps into every corner of our lives. 
  • It’s fun. Let’s be honest, being in the dark is sometimes more fun. Why do people have random sex all the time? Because it’s fun [not that I know from experience, I’m kinda assuming]! People think that living in light will take away their fun. This is literal too, how often have your worst moral decisions come in the middle of the afternoon? 
  • We’re afraid. We are scared of God judging us if he sees our crap, so we try to hide in the corner in our darkness. We’re also afraid of being judged by other people. So we wallow in our filth.  
  • Ignorance. Sometimes we don’t even realize the darkness in our lives. Sometimes it takes a smack in the face from God to get us to pay attention to our actions and thoughts. 

There are many more, but those, in my opinion, are the most common reasons we avoid the light of God. So the question then is how do we stay in His light? 

“When Jesus spoke to the people he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'” [John 8:12]

Jesus promises us that if we follow him, we will never be in darkness. What does it mean to follow him then? [See how loaded this is, everything just leads to more questions. It’s fun though, and what studying is all about!] 

Following Jesus means knowing what he did. What he lived for and preached and practiced in his everyday life. And how do we do that? By reading his word. It’s pretty simple [seemingly, at least]. Read, pray, discuss. The key though then is action

“Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” [James 1:22] 

Walk in the light of Jesus Christ. It is a choice. A hard one, mind you, but a choice nonetheless. 

Think about it.

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