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Stones of Remembrance

December 9, 2008

This is a sweet concept that I came across late last night. 

In the olden times, way before Jesus, God instructed the Jewish people to set up stones of remembrance. It is a little memorial of rocks constructed by someone in the place where God showed up or did something amazing. The people of God came back to them over and over for encouragement and strength and a reminder that their God is real. They were also used for future generations, so people would never forget the work the Lord had done among them. 

We need stones of remembrance in our lives. 

Maybe it’s a person who guided you along the way. Thank them. And remember what they did for you. 

Maybe it’s a place you went to over and over again and prayed your soul out. Go back there and remember. 

Maybe it’s a passage of Scripture that particularly spoke to you. Read it over and over and even put it up on your wall so you never forget. 

Maybe it’s as simple as a memory. Go back to it. Digest it. Close your eyes and meditate on it. 

We need mile markers in our life. Places to go back and be assured of the victory God gives us. We have a tendency to get lost in times of trial and forget what God has done in us. Create stones of remembrance. 

Think about it.


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