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January 2, 2009

This video has been posted on a few blogs I frequent, but it’s too good to go unrepeated. 


It is never too late to start fresh. The New Year happens to be a great place to actually do that in our lives. 

God calls us to live in the present, not the past or the future, even though looking at each is very important. 

We all have regrets. Things we wish we would have done differently. That’s part of being human. The key to resolution though is learning from those mistakes and moving beyond them. Dwelling on them does no good, because God has forgiven us. If the God of the universe can erase and forgive, then we should also be able to. I admit that it is obviously much easier said than done, but it is truth nonetheless. 

Learn from your regrets. Don’t let them go to waste. 

Think about it.

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