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The Parting of a Sea

February 18, 2009

I’m speaking at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship tonight here at Drake U. We’re doing a “Sunday School Remix” series in which we take the most famous stories of the Old Testament that you learn when you’re little, and dig out the adult themes.

I’m speaking about Moses. I’m quite excited. What follows is pretty much an outline of what I’m talking about.

Moses gets credit for being one of the most Godly men that has ever walked the Earth. And for good reason. He parted the Red Sea, delivered the Ten Commandments and even wrote multiple books of the Bible. He was very human though. We often miss that part. When God first approached him about setting free the Jewish peopl, he wanted nothing to do with it.

  • Ex 3:11 “‘Who am I to appear before Pharoah?’, Moses asked God. ‘How can you expect me to lead the people out of Egypt?'”
  • 3:13 “But Moses protested, ‘They wont believe me.'”
  • 4:1 “But Moses protested again, ‘Look, they wont believe me!'”
  • 4:10 “Moses pleaded with the Lord, ‘I’m just not a good speaker. I never have been and I’m not now. Even after you have spoken to me, I’m clumsy with words.'”
  • 4:13 “Moses again pleaded, ‘Lord, please send someone else!'”
  • 6:12 “Moses objected, ‘How can I expect Pharoah to listen, I’m no orator.'”

He doesn’t feel like a leader. He doesn’t feel like he has the right qualities to be effective for God. He says he’s not a good speaker. He says “Why would they listen to me?”. He tells God to send somone who plays the part better. What’s cool though is that God could care less. He’s specially chosen Moses for this task. Just like he’s specially chosen us to do His work here and now.

We don’t need to have “leadership” qualities. It’s bombared into our head though isn’t it? We have leadership conferences, leadership books, leadership mentor programs.. We obsess over this idea. All these things are theoretically teaching us how to gain the right qualities in order to lead effectively. Take these characteristics x, y, and z and boom! Leader. Do all this stuff and you’ll be impactful and successful and powerful.

That can be kind of intimidating. What if you’re just not a born leader? What if you dont have charisma? What if you’re not naturally a “people-person”? Moses’ mentor was God. That was it. The good Lord gives us this incredible promise in Exodus 4:12. “Now go, and do as I have told you. I will help you speak and I will tell you what to say.” God promises to be with us, and all we have to do is “go”. If we give just a little bit, He will blow it out of the water and split the Red Sea [excuse the pun :-)].

Moses didnt look like a leader. He didn’t feel like a leader. Honestly, there’s probably a lot of us that feel the exact same way. We think we dont have the right qualities. God is with us though, and He is the only thing we need to be a great leader and to do amazing things.

God will use you no matter what personality traits you do or dont have. It’s not just those people who are born preachers who are called to change the world. Moses was a very ordinary man who did incredible things because he put faith in God to overcome his lack of charisma and speaking ability.


“Seek first His Kingdom, and all these things will be given to you.” Matt 6:31.


Think about it.

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