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Why this blog?

Well, I’m gonna steal things from various sources to give a ‘why’.

“Maybe we Christians feel the need to compete with the resources of the information age, maybe we feel like we should have all the answers. Whatever sent us down this path, it’s now clear that many of us are not only afraid to ask tough questions, but we actively discourage curiosity and question-asking. Questions, doubts and uncertainty are portrayed as clear signs of spiritual weakness. We are selling the world our faith as the ultimate answer button. We evangelicals seem to feel the dangerous need to eschew doubt and to offer the Christian faith to the world as the spiritual equivalent of Google. Whatever our approach to the Bible, we must concede that God is big enough to handle our curiosity and our questions. In fact, God is calling out to us to ask the tough questions!”     ~Relevant Magazine

“I wonder if we as preachers have helped condition people to often not think for themselves. They are so used to coming to church and hearing advice on how to do something, that anytime we leave the ‘how to’ steps out they are paralyzed. I wonder if we have gotten away from the mystery and some of the parable style teaching of Jesus that often makes you scratch your head and say, “What?” Giving how to advice and laid out steps does not lead to transformation of people’s lives in my experience, at least not internally. But rather, engaging them in God’s Word and allowing them to wrestle with the meaning and action for their own lives is powerful.”     ~Rhett Smith

I’ll also give you a link to one of my first posts on this blog that offers up some more answers.

Basically, it comes down to me wanting to wrestle through these life issues together, as a community. I want people to be able to think critically for themselves and not just take everything they hear or read at face value. Life isn’t as black and white as I once thought, and this blog is meant to convey that. There are questions and depth to everything.

That is why I end every post with “Think about it”. I want you, the reader, to engage in the writing, the verses, the other comments. Digest it, critique it, do whatever you want, but I ask that you do not just take it at face value.

Thank you.

Jeremy Anderberg

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